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Marilyn Manson. From Jan 10th through Feb 20th, 2009.  101 / Exhibit. Miami Art GalleriesMulti-talented artist Marilyn Manson, legendary for the cult status of his music career and persona, has simultaneously been creating a large and remarkable body of paintings over the past two decades that will be revealed for the first time in the US.

Just as Manson’s lyrics are provocative, driving the expressive form of music to its limits, the artist’s paintings, though aesthetically pleasing, play with the grotesque and confront the viewer with the dark side of the American Dream – its obsessions and pitfalls. This exhibition of more than twenty paintings is presented by the Cologne-based Galerie Brigitte Schenk in cooperation with 101 Exhibit, a dynamic new art space in Miami’s Design District.

The artist known as Marilyn Manson took his pseudonym from the names Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson – figures whom he sees as reflecting the ultimate and most disturbing dualism of American culture. "Marilyn Manson is a living work of art and an anti-popstar." stated his gallerist Brigitte Schenk.

101 NE 40th Street
Miami, FL 33137
305 573 2101

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