3 Solo Shows at Hardcore Art Contemporary

Nela Ochoa, Nina Dotti and Muu Blanco From Oct 7th through Nov 25th, 2006Hardcore Art Contemporary Space opens 3 Solo Shows by artists Nela Ochoa, Nina Dotti and Muu Blanco. For more than two decades, Nela Ochoa has been employing body references in order to portray the movements of society, inviting viewers to reflect about human condition beyond the traditional aesthetic experience. Ochoa has created an “artistic solar system” in which the body takes the place of the Sun. Videos, photographs, installations, paintings and sculptures, stand for the orbits, while gestures, radiographs, and genes indicate the planets. Moving around these worlds, there are the moons denoted by dance, religion, femininity, violence, ecology and science. In an outdoor site-specific installation titled China Shipping, Nina Dotti reflects on key aspects of globalization and its critical consequences. She recreates a China Shipping container where one encounters all sorts of commodities-like-objects Made in China that have been bought, found and gathered mostly from her recent trip to Shanghai, China. Dotti exhibits politically charged Chinese/American hilarious artifacts that function as neo ready mades. Dotti appropriates cultural objects and images transforming them in art commodities in the same spirit that super powers transform cultural and social values into profitable merchandise. Muu Blanco creates hybrid pieces composed of fragmented and discarded toys and found objects. His miniature sculptures conform infant creations of anti-esthetic values. He builds hybrid animal and human-like figures as undisguised and modified objects that recall relics from an imaginary archeological site. Multifarious forms of donkeys, dolls, dogs, horses, combined and transformed into entities of horror; revolt against taste and value markets. For more information, please call: 305.576.1645

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