A Night of Classic Silent Films

Miami Beach Cinematheque. August 24th, 2008. 8:00 p.m.Miami Beach Cinematheque. Miami FilmThe Miami Beach Cinematheque presents the film Queen Kelly (Erich Von Stroheim / USA / 1928), as part of a new series of classic silent films with live accompaniment.

In 1928, after years of struggles within the studio system, master director Erich Von Stroheim found the opportunity to create his crowning achievement: a storybook romance of intoxicating beauty, counterbalanced with a frightfully grim tale of moral corruption. Gloria Swanson, powerful in 1928 enough to be both star and producer, stars as an innocent convent girl who falls under the spell of a handsome prince (Walter Byron) on the eve of his marriage to a diabolical queen (Seena Owen).

Unreleased in the United States, Queen Kelly might have been Von Stroheim's greatest film had actress/producer Swanson not halted it in mid-production. Kino presents the critically acclaimed restoration of Von Stroheim's ambitious epic, which incorporates many of the scenes (set within an African brothel) that caused Swanson to shut down the film.

Miami Beach Cinematheque
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