Actors Community Theatre of Davie

From Feb 2nd through Feb 11th, 2007The Actors Community Theatre of Davie is presenting the play Nuts written by Tom Topor and directed by Jeff Levis in performances to take place at the Davie Pine Island Multi-Purpose Center in Davie, FL. Nuts will feature Kathryn Bain, Barry Katz, Larry Willis, Fern Katz, Murray Gaby, Edie Wagner, Larry Davis, Carl Schanzleh and Gail Becker Set in a courtroom in New York’s Bellevue Hospital, the story concerns an incarcerated woman’s valiant attempt to fight those who want to have her committed as mentally incompetent to stand trial on a manslaughter charge. The State says Claudia Faith Draper is nuts. In the course of this arresting, yet at times, very funny drama, she demonstrates to the judge that she isn’t crazy and goes off in the end to stand trial on the manslaughter charge. For more information, please call: 954.797.1153

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