Adler Guerrier: Out to Lunch

Art and Culture Center of Hollywood. From Feb 27th through May 3rd, 2010.

altHaitian-born, Miami-based contemporary artist Adler Guerrier created a new site-specific exhibition in the center’s main gallery that explores the effects of geography, politics, and history on Hollywood, Florida, and nearby environs. Guerrier’s multi-dimensional exhibition employs a variety of media, including photography, drawings, sculpture, and video, to express a “psycho-geographic” narrative of a distinctive cityscape that includes an urban center, quiet neighborhoods, and a lively beachfront. Guerrier finds inspiration in the simple act of walking city streets, which he describes as a “political and poetic act.”

A self-described “urban wanderer,” he writes in his exhibition proposal, “My thoughts on the city of Hollywood, Florida, are mainly about movement, driving around the city’s circles, walking on U.S. 1 and downtown, and also of being at ease…”

Through his own simple interactions in our diverse city, Guerrier creates a multi-media exhibition that provides a timely and perhaps even timeless document of a specific moment in our local history. He also includes collaborative elements to this exhibition by inviting a small number of other artists whose contributions are integrated into the installation as a whole.

Art and Culture Center of Hollywood
1650 Harrison Street
Hollywood, FL 33020

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