African Influence in Latin American and Caribbean Art

From Mar 14th through Apr 12th, 2009.  African Influence in Latin American and Caribbean Art. Miami ExhibitionsGolding and Savino presents an exhibition titled African Influence in Latin American and Caribbean Art, curated by Mariavelia Savino and guest curator Enrique Parra. This exhibition is both an attractive visual experience and a highly educative venue as it opens an interesting discussion about a lesser-known aspect of Latin American art and tradition in connection with the Caribbean islands and countries. During the present historical period in the United States it will highlight remarkable cultural issues of national and international interest.

The Miami exhibition marks the beginning of a traveling project across the United States, and presents 23 celebrated Latin American and Caribbean artists including Carlos Alfonzo (Cuba), Jose Bedia (Cuba), David Bello (Venezuela), Cundo Bermudez (Cuba), Henry Bermudez (Venezuela), Angel Botello (Spain / Puerto Rico), David Boxer (Jamaica), Valerie Braithwaite (Trinidad / Venezuela), Roberto Diago (Cuba) , Edouard Duval Carrie (Haiti), Albert Chong (Jamaica), Onofre Frias (Venezuela), Tito Gomez (Cuba), Serge Jolimeau (Haiti), Wifredo Lam (Cuba), Manuel Mendive (Cuba), Gene Pearson (Jamaica), Carlos Augusto Pereira (Portugal / Venezuela), and Amaya Salazar (Dominican Republic). A unique artwork from the early figurative period of kinetic master Carlos Cruz Diez (Venezuela), and a video with an in-deep visual reference to the great last century masters Tarcilia Do Amaral (Brazil), Candido Portinari (Brazil), and Pedro Figari (Uruguay), complement the exhibition. Some of these artists are direct descendants of Africans or belong to the mixed cultures of the wide spectrum of Latin American and Caribbean society. Others have a background not related to Africa, but have adopted the subjects, the methods and the influence of the African impact in their native land, including religious beliefs, social and political issues or family attitudes, as well as artistic considerations such as composition, color and shape. Despite their diversity, there are some recurrent creative aspects and themes that each of these artists have enriched and reinterpreted.

This show highlights the rich Latin American and Caribbean art of African inspiration that has influenced the international art scene for many decades, and today approaches the most recent conceptions and techniques. This novel African language not only took motivation in continental Africa, but furthermore saw a major muse in the African American source, as well as in the neighboring Caribbean background. Well-known artists have opened the threshold toward a future that the more recent generations fulfill with the newest and widest creativity, where race is an enriching element and no longer an issue that implies creative barriers or limitations.

Golding and Savino @ Silvana Facchini Gallery
1929 NW 1st Avenue
Miami, FL 33136

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