Agustina Woodgate

Performance at Spinello Gallery. Jul 16th, 2009.

Spinello Gallery recently presented On My Knees, a photo-performance by Miami’s own Agustina Woodgate. Woodgate once again invited the audience to her photo shoot – experiencing a daunting performance and witnessing her artistic process as she created her next photographic series, On My Knees, based on the fairy tale “Cinderella.”  This was Woodgate’s 4th performance in her ongoing “Fairy Tale” series.

The one night improvised theatrical performance consisted of three characters.  Agustina Woodgate as the degraded heroine and her dear sibling-like friends, Dominique Breard and Maria Giustinian were joining the artist for the first time as her abusive stepsisters.  The photographic series created will be available following the opening night.

Agustina Woodgate is an interdisciplinary artist who explores the concepts of the human body, human identity, and human behavior through a wide range of media, including photography, installation, sculpture, video, and performance.

She is not only captivated by self-perception, but she is particularly interested in the ways that human beings relate to each other, and how people naturally, or unnaturally, relate to the materials around them. Through her work she explores how malleable and impressionable human identity really is and how an individual’s perception can easily persuade what they see and accept as truth.

The notions of memory, heritage, tradition, and ritual appear repeatedly in her work and occupy a nebulous space that exists between the innocence, magic and fantastic dreams of a child, and the mature sarcasm of an adult. Using whatever material suits her purpose, she transforms the mundane into the enchanted and weaves together the varied properties of the physical and the spiritual, the internal and the external, and the personal and the collective.

To Ms. Woodgate, the meticulous process of creation is as significant as the final result. Through creation she often arrives at a paradoxical relationship with the materials being used, and in many cases discovers that the act of collecting material is the first step toward discovering the ambiguous poetic narrative behind the piece.

Ms. Woodgate was born in 1981 in Buenos Aires, and currently lives in Miami. She earned her BFA from the National University of Visual Arts in Buenos Aires. Her work has been exhibited and performed internationally and has appeared in the Museo Nacional del Grabado, Salon Nacional de Instalacion, Salon Nacional de Arte Textil (Bs. As), Museo Casa Blanca (Puerto Rico), Hollywood Biennal (Miami), MOCA (Miami), Portland Art Center, among other venues.

Spinello Gallery
155 NE 38th Street. No 101
Miami, FL 33137

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