Allard van Hoorn

(re-) Creating History at the The Moore Space From Aug 11th through Aug 24th, 2007The Moore Space recently inaugurated a solo exhibition by contemporary artist Allard van Hoorn titled (re-) Creating History. As the artist says: “The This project is all about the paradox of history, the encounter and tourism. When I traveled to the outskirts of Mongolia to discover those who had never been in contact with the outside world I was hoping for authenticity, the ‘real’. Now, I realize that by succeeding in finding I instantly destroyed what I was looking for. This project is the re-enactment of these scenes set on the border with Kazakhstan 11 years ago”. “By restaging on Miami’s Surfside beach this project reflects the way history is constructed and is being created. It examines how multiculturalism functions in Miami and in which manner identity, ethnicity and history itself are developed, transformed and maintained through relocation and integration. The production and registration of the enactment was established by a divers group of people related to Miami, who performed as concept consultants, stage builders, directors and documentalists and therefore became the active (re-) creators of history”. For more information, please call: 305.438.1163

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