Alliance Theatre Lab presents Lonely Planet

From Sep 28th through Oct 15th, 2006 The Alliance Theatre Lab in Miami Lakes is presenting Lonely Planet, the story of a friendship that survives and thrives in the shadow of an unnamed epidemic. With warmth and humor, director Steven Dietz and actors Daniel Lugo and Matthew Glass tell the story of two friends who have taken refuge in a map shop on a forgotten street of a large metropolitan city. Jody’s solace and isolation are frequently interrupted by Carl, his enigmatic friend. And upon each visit, Carl brings with him chairs that he begs Jody to keep. As the shop fills up with chairs, Jody and Carl duel, lie about who they are, play “truth” games, and share fantastical dreams. The play unfolds and the audience come to realize what these chairs represent for Carl and Jody. Carl an extrovert, and Jody an introvert, have come together to reflect on life, share their fears, and ultimately to love each other. For more information, please call: 305.567.2721

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