Amat Art Gallery

Contemporary Cuban Artists. Ongoing.  Amat Art Gallery. Miami ArtAmat Art Gallery is presenting a group exhibition titled Contemporary Cuban Artists featuring works by Juan Antonio Alfonso Serrano, Yoselin Echevarría Sánchez, Alejandro Fernández Borrell, Rensol González Méndez and Juan Carlos Verdial Soltura.

Gallery owner John Amat has set his eye on the art of his native island of Cuba. The self-taught artist and entrepreneur has tapped into the bountiful island and discovered talented artists creating extraordinary landscapes and windows into the timeless milieu of the island.

The art gallery represents Cuban artists that show an array of styles ranging from hyperrealism to surrealism, as well as a diverse content area without political, social or economic undertones. When you step inside the gallery, the breathtaking lush mountain landscapes and fauna with cavernous watering holes: or the still life consisting of the exotic native fruits wrapped by the sensuous oblique lighting: in a hidden corner, will take you far away, yet only miles away.

Amat Art Gallery
2300 SW 57 Ave
Miami, Fl 33155

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