An evening with Josh Weissbach and Ben Balcom

Miami Beach Cinematheque. Sept 20th, 2009. 8:00 p.m.

In mid-September of 2009, US experimental filmmakers Ben Balcom and Josh Weissbach begin the southern portion of Heap Us ‘Round Our Ruins: An Interstate Film Circuit. It is a tour of two artist’s filmic works, custom-made for each location stop.

Josh Weissbach’s film work, all shot on Super 8 and 16mm film, is conceptually based on the question: How does the relationship between intimacy, trauma, and space function in the life of every human being?  Weissbach will screen interiors of the liquid gap, which focuses on Cuban exiles and the intimate sites of their lives before, while, and after crossing the liquid divide between Cuba and the United States.  This film was made possible in part by The Cary Grant Film Scholarship from The Princes Grace Foundation.

Ben Balcom’s films teeter on the line between reality and dream, characterized by the appearance and disappearance of narrative. The two short films every small heart is a miniature inferno and celebration of dead leaves explore the relationship between our nature and the representation of this space through a reconfiguration of experience in an artificial medium.

Filmmakers Josh Weissbach and Ben Balcom will be present for introduction and Q&A after the films.

Miami Beach Cinematheque
512 Española Way
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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