Ana Albertina Delgado at Blue Door Fine Arts

From Sept 12 through Oct 12th, 2009.

The exhibition Quo Tendas by Cuban artist Ana Albertina Delgado is currently on view at Blue Door Fine Art and open to the public by appointment until October 12th, 2009.

“For me, freeing my imagination within the limitless limits of a painting is a necessity. Working with strict self-imposed codes of representation, I develop elaborate fantasy worlds, which can only exist in pictorial language. My practice springs from the complex notion of an artist as author, inventor, magician, scientist, and confidant to the divine. I work as a biographer who manipulates anecdotes of the divine and the mundane – a battle between goddesses and peasant women – creating rules through inscrutable reflections of human beings as incarnate gods who work the land and unburden their fears and fantasies in the extraordinary; among a habitual cast of bizarre, grotesque, and delightful characters. “

“The landscape and objects that accompany the characters act as curiosities in their own right, serving as documental evidence of their strange ways – which rely on primary ceremonies or beliefs. I offer no plausible explanation; I merely revel in the possibilities of the creative process.”

My work is the art of storytelling. My paintings portray fables that tell the story of our origins coupled with the exoticism and the ritualism of cultures where the evocative, the close at hand, and the uncertain create sophisticated mental images that achieve a connection between the commonplace and the unheard of. Paintings allow me to articulate an idea precisely as my mind has conceived it.”

Ana Albertina Delgado

Blue Door Fine Arts
2330 SW 62nd Court
Miami, FL 33155

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