Andres Ferrandis

at Dot Fiftyone Gallery. From Mar 8th through Apr 30th, 2008. Andres Ferrandis. Miami Artists
Dot Fiftyone Art Gallery presents “echo – shadow – distance – gravity”, an exhibition of new work by Andres Ferrandis. In a show consisting of constructed paintings and installations, Ferrandis depicts the result of the interpretation of the landscape: light, distance, shadow, movement, color, sound, and temperature. These works are abstract, poetic depictions not only of these atmospheric elements, but the sensory effects they have on us.

In the artist’s own words, “I aim to depict the time span of things, of moments and memory, to establish a language that allows me to work, not with an image or a particular subject itself, but with the emotions that those diverse subjects provoke. While implementing new materials and media into painting, my work has been moving outside the conventional limits of the stretcher, developing structurally and expanding into non-conventional formats and installations.”
The harmony he achieves in his combinations of color and contrasting uses of wood, aluminum, canvas, linen and silk-screened polyester is visually engaging. His use of color is an effort to depict the fragmentation of light, and result in creating a mood, a feeling of calm contemplation. Some of his works clearly make references to the horizon with their horizontal bands of colors and textures, others to time, memory and the cycles of life.
Andres Ferrandis was born in Valencia, Spain in 1965. He studied art at the Universities of La Laguna and Seville. While completing his last year of studies, he had his first solo exhibition and the opportunity to be shown at ARCO in Madrid. After living and working in Tenerife, Sanlucar de Barrameda, and Mallorca, he traveled overseas to Cuba and Costa Rica, where he showed in the Jacob Karpio Gallery. Ferrandis has shown his art in numerous solo shows and art fairs through these last 15 years, within United States, Europe and Latin America. At the same time he was invited to participate in different collective exhibitions around the world.
For more information, please call: 305.573.9994

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