Animals Get Scared Too, Just Like You! A book by Miami-based artist John Adkins

July 2010.

altJohn Adkins, Artist, Professor and Chair of Arts & Philosophy at Miami Dade College has recently published and released a unique children’s book that explores a common childhood emotion. This educational work of art will offer children an artistic and creative way to cope with fear.

The author explains, “Every night when my children were small, we would read stories. Inevitably, they would ask me to stay and help them go to sleep. Like many children, they would claim they saw or heard something. How could I help them deal with their fear? Animals Get Scared Too, Just Like You! addresses all of these emotions. Being an artist, I wanted the book to be creative as well as informative. Children love animals, they are fascinated by their behavior, the sounds they make and how they uniquely move through space. This book combines that love for animals with a method for handling fear.”

As the young reader goes through the book, they see that animals experience fear too, and they see visually, in a decorative context, how animals adapt. The animal examples show children that other living creatures feel fear and they are not alone. It also provides them with a mechanism to control and manage their fear through imagination and creativity. A total of fourteen animals are featured in the book; each has a unique way of responding to fear, such as: a bear, raven, seal, puffer fish and a chameleon. Children can act out and pretend to be their favorite animals.

John Adkins has been a working artist for over 20 years with exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta. John’s artwork encompasses several disciplines, including painting, drawing, sculpture, jewelry and small metals. His pieces are decorative and conceptual, influenced by nature, Art History, icons and everyday human experiences.

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