Arevalo Gallery presents Insight

Sept 10 through Oct 8, 2011.

Arevalo Gallery present its first annual photography exhibit titled “Insight”, a group show featuring a select number of works from Latin American Modern masters, preeminent contemporary and two emerging Miami based photographers.         

Each work aims to explore the notion of the exhibit’s title and its definition through the ordinary experience of contemplating an instant made permanent by photography.

Among the photographers in the exhibit, are the works by Miami based Eleonora Stein (Caracas, Venezuela, 1988) and Annie Saldaña (Santurce, Puerto Rico, 1987) who have focused their selection on one of the most challenging and profound subjects in photography: abstraction.

The work of Eleonora Stein is composed of 20 photographs in which the main focus is to challenge the notion of abstraction through a photographic process for which few references exist. As such, fragments of arbitrary consistency compels in a sublime and groundbreaking installation.

The works of Annie Saldaña focuses on unveiling the geometric abstraction found within the architectural structures of a lesser-known Miami. A beautiful recanting of the much-maligned pre conceived notions of our prosaic urban landscape.

On both series, a level of maturity, rare for their age and circumstance, is revealed, and as such the anticipation that precedes the intentions within the show’s title, cease to exist.

Artists exhibited include Chuck Close, Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Tina Modotti, Luis Mallo, Eleonora Stein, Annie Saldaña, Vic Muniz, Juan Iribarren, Gonzalo Lebrija, Geraldo de Barros, Romulo Aguerre, Patrizia Zelano, Alberto Korda, Andres Michelena and Anna Maria Maiolino.

Arevalo Gallery
151 NE 40th Street. Suite 200
Miami, FL 33137

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