Art at St. Johns celebrates the Harvest of the Arts

October 28th, 2006Arts at St. Johns in Miami Beach presents the Harvest of the Arts, its 7th Annual Season Showcase, which presents an eclectic array of some of our community’s most talented singers, dancers, actors, visual artists and musicians. The evening opens with the harpsichord sounds of Paul Schwab, who will perform classical music. Fantasy Theater Factory, a traveling professional touring company will be performing, as well as Dance Now! Ensemble, a grassroots organization dedicated to performance and education. Dr. A.J. Khaw will play the organ and will later join his band Sonido Batido on the lakeside for the afterparty. Singers David Vance , Raymond Yanez, Stephanie Giraldo, David Kingery, Bill Feuer, and Elliot Pilshaw will be singing songs from jazz, Broadway, Latin, classical and pop. Classical pianist Maria Letona will play during the night and Jean Villamizar will provide visuals with a her multi-media art . For more information, please call: 305.613.2325

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