Art Deco Film Series

Horse Feathers July 10th, 2007The Art Deco Film Series presents an evening of film showcasing the legendary movie Horse Feathers, 1932. Anarchy reigns supreme in this film, which was the first Marx Brothers comedy that smoothly integrated the story into the troupe’s routine. Appearing in a professorial gown and mortarboard hat, Groucho gets appointed as head of an esteemed university, immediately thumbs his nose at the trustees, via the classic musical number Whatever It Is, I’m Against It, and sets about changing a school that has “neglected football for education.” The pigskin finale irreverently sends up sports-movie clichés, with Groucho giving a pep talk to the wrong team and tackling from the sidelines, and Chico and Harpo scoring touchdowns by dropping banana peels as blocks and racing along in a horse-drawn chariot. For more information, please call: 305.672.2014

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