Art Deco Welcome Center presents Vogues of 1938

May 23rd, 2006The Art Deco Welcome Center in Miami Beach is presenting a free screening of the film Vogues of 1938. Unlike the typical black-and-white films of the period, Vogues of 1938 is shot entirely in Technicolor. The three-strip Technicolor process used in the film was cutting-edge technology, and would become very well known to movie audiences a couple a years later, with the releases of Gone With The Wind and The Wizard of Oz in 1939. The blueblooded Van Kletterings are broke; debutante Wendy, slated to remedy this by marrying rich bore Henry Morgan, instead leaves him at the altar and goes to work as a model for high-fashion clothing designer George Curson, whom she soon falls for. But he’s happily married (at least on his side) and going into debt financing a show to please wife Mary’s desire for stardom. Vindictive Morgan, jealous of George, hopes to hasten his ruin. Can the House of Curson be saved? Along the way, we are treated to the haute couture of the House of Curson, its elegant models, and gorgeous Art Deco interiors. Several dance numbers enliven the journey, and we get to view midtown Manhattan of 1937, with sleek automobiles, a streamlined luxury train, and even a glimpse of that most emblematic Art Deco icon, the ocean liner Normandie. For more information, please call: 305.672.2014

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