ArtCenter/South Florida presents By Hand

Opening reception: August 15, 2012. 6:00 – 10:00 p.m.
From August 11 through September 23, 2012.

Lea Nickless
ArtCenter/South Florida presents By Hand with works by Jenny Brillhart, Rosemarie Chiarlone, Robin Griffiths, Hugo Moro, Lea Nickless, Evan Robarts, Victoria Skinner and Tom Virgin, an exhibition that initiates a dialogue between the work and its viewers inviting them to touch, read, examine, question and soak up details. Each artist creates with an intense and time-consuming method of production that is obvious in the final product, yet the works are held together conceptually by their ability to intimately engage their viewers.

Robin Griffiths, a draftsman and tradesman turned sculptor and mathematician, creates technically sophisticated installations that provide a visible history of his process of creation. Ultimately, the art, science, technology and ideas embedded in the sculpture in By Hand are released only through curious, kinetic interaction…better known as play. Evan Robarts’ work also addresses the interplay between science and art, looking for new relationships with material, form and identity. With an emphasis on various non-traditional materials and found objects, Robarts’ explores these constructs and interfaces them with the surrounding world.

ArtCenter alumni Jenny Brillhart creates a dialogue between made and found spaces and forms, and their relationship to place, structure and organization. Her formation of objects and materials in works from the series “Constructs” reveals a process of adding and subtracting, in an attempt to balance or level ideas of beauty, form, representation, structure and narrative. ArtCenter resident artist Hugo Moro’s work addresses the humans within structures and spaces. His work responds to social issues ranging from gender to religion to the economy using a wide range of media. Moro’s work may take on a classical form or use pop art language or even feature assemblages of found objects.

Philadelphia native Rosemarie Chiarlone presents works from her series, “Silhouette,” a collaboration with poet Susan Weiner. Chiarlone’s work explores the tension between visual image and text in an intricate form created with cut-outs and perforated text. The words are teased out of substrates of paper and fabric as negative space surrounded by white space. The evocative quality of Weiner’s poetic language is enhanced by Chiarlone’s deliberate and elegant method of slowing down the reading process. Born and raised in the Midwest, Miami artist Tom Virgin also merges stories and image in his woodcut prints, artist’s books and public artworks. Virgin shows works created in response to a residency at Oregon College of Art and Craft in Portland, OR. Virgin forgoes words in this exhibition, telling his story through an installation of images in several media.

Lea Nickless, who is also a freelance curator, collection manager, and educational consultant, works predominantly with watercolors and book arts. For By Hand, Nickless will present an intricate installation created with mixed media on paper. Lake Worth artist Victoria Skinner works with collage in microscopic form blurring boundaries; between human and animal, science and art, imagination and knowledge. The exhibition features an installation of works from Skinner’s “Chimera 2D” series that will capture any viewers’ eye.

ArtCenter/South Florida
Richard Shack Gallery
800 Lincoln Road
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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