Arteaméricas Art Fair

From Mar 28th through Mar 31st, 2008.

Arteaméricas Art Fair. Miami Art Fairs
The Miami Beach Convention Center housed Merrill Lynch Arteaméricas, one of the world’s leading art fairs showing Latin American art. Some of the best galleries from Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Puerto Rico, among others, were present. Contemporary artists working on paintings, sculptures, photographs, installations, and multimedia challenged the public with their latest productions.

In prior editions, the fair has been warmly received by the general public and art collectors in Miami. Many galleries have sold a great number of pieces by renowned masters and emerging artists from Latin America. In addition, the event always counts on a didactic space created especially for those who want to purchase, share their viewpoints, or just want to learn about art. Thanks to its careful selection process and curatorial approach, Arteaméricas has earned a reputation as a distinctive art event within an intimate setting.

Each year, the fair is organized by a committee who selects the best among all candidates to participate in the event. Galleries apply with some time in advance, putting together images of the artists’ works as well as the statement of their displays. Celebrated names like Fernando Botero, Lygia Clark, Wifredo Lam, Jesus Soto and Rufino Tamayo always appear on the list of artists featured in the show. José Bedia, Tony Bechara, León Ferrari and Hugo Zapata are some of the contemporaries whose pieces may be also seen along the halls of the Miami Beach Convention Center.

The diversity of styles and subject matters of the works presented is one of the elements that makes Arteaméricas what it is today. Lygia Clark, for example, has addressed the issue of distance between her body and the world. The work of Rufino Tamayo shows an impressive use of colors and textures. José Bedia looks for inspiration in Afro Cuban and Native American spiritual beliefs to represent the trajectory of life. León Ferrari often deals with politics and religion, and Tony Bechara shows the dynamics of color and the optical possibilities of pointillism and geometric abstraction.

For the past five years, the fair has exceeded people’s expectations with celebrated exhibits, a provocative audience, and a strong sense of partnership between organizers and prestigious art institutions such as the Bass Museum, CIFO, Lowe Art Museum, and MOCA. Opening to the public on Friday, March 28th, Arteaméricas will bring joy to all art lovers. But, four days go by really fast, so don’t lose the opportunity to see for yourself what this edition of the art fair will be all about.

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By Dinorah Perez Rementeria

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