Artist Kiki Valdes opens new studio

April 2009.   Kiki Valdes Studio. Miami ArtistsKiki Valdes recently opened up for the first time his newly built workspace “The Glass Studio” for a special public viewing of new works. On April 25th, Valdes offered an informal and raw presentation of exhibiting works within the very studio in which they were created, offering a fundamental way for art and public interaction to cross feed in a way, which rarely gets experienced.

This is an interesting time for Miami's cultural communities to gather for a valid experience of new contemporary art. “The New Studio Visit” will be an unconventional gathering with expressionist plates of new painting with high regard to imagery and process. The artist draws from the inner initiative process of composition building and urban life in Miami. Valdes considers himself an artist drawn to Modern art for political, social and scientific reasons.  
“At times of war art should be as expressive and as dramatic as possible to really trigger how contemporary life feels, Valdes said. Known for painting live in Miami’s premiere hotspots, Valdes has helped foster the growing artistic community of Miami. He has been commissioned for various works by Krannert Art Museum at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne, Freedom Tower Art Center, University of Illinois at Chicago, Princeton University and others. He has also exhibited at the Florida State Capital Rotunda, PS1 (Museum of Modern Art), Florida International University, Duke University and his work is included in a number of corporate collections.  
Kiki Valdes The Glass Studio
7520 NE 4th Court
Miami, FL 33138

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