Arts and Minds presents Magdalene Dreams

Featuring White Orchard Theater From Oct 6th through Oct 28th, 2006Arts and Minds Center in Coconut Grove presents Magdalene Dreams, the new play by White Orchard Theater Director Irina Sundukova featuring Cristina Morrison, Sharon Stern, Ivan Saltz, JoAnn Tiberio, Aurika Gronovius. This is a story about the ways people with different dreams understand each other. How is modern society affected and transformed by all the cultural and other influences coursing through Miami, making it a hardly breathing animal with a complex and unfriendly personality. The play intends to analyze who are the people making a difference in the history of America and in this particular city . Magdalene’s Dreams also tries to define contemporaneous characters who have been assimilated by globalization, forming a new multicultural generation of modern Americans. For more information, please call: 305.331.1233

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