Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida presents Vladimir Issaev’s Chipollino

March 13th and 14th, 2010.

Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida presents “Chipollino,” a lively and entertaining ballet meant to delight audience members of any age. This popular Russian folktale, by Gianni Rodari, has been turned into an exciting, two act ballet, choreographed by Ballet Master Vladimir Issaev and set to music by Russian composer, K. Katchaturian.

The story takes place in the happy town of Limonia where flowers, vegetables and fruits share their lives under the power of the tyrant Prince Lemon. Chipollino is the young son of a popular family of onions. All is well in the village until the Chief of Police Tomato arrives to tell the villagers of a new law requiring that all villagers must pay for sunlight, rain and wind. Chipollino rallies the villagers, and together they defeat the evil Prince Lemon, with many intrigues and adventures along the way. As good eventually triumphs ever evil, it is apparent that “Chipollino” is not only a fun, fanciful story, but also it also speaks of a much deeper political statement.

This ballet first premiered with Ballet Concierto de Puerto Rico and was later performed by Ballet Juvenil de Venezuela and The Georgia Youth Ballet to excellent reviews. Several years ago, Isseav revamped his choreography and the entire production for his dancers at Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida, and the company is proud and excited to bring back a family favorite. In addition, the vibrant and imaginative costumes have been crafted by renowned costume designer, Jorge Gallardo. Each character is vividly portrayed by the corresponding costume, creating a delightful ensemble of dancers.

Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida at Broward Center for the Performing Arts
201 SW Fifth Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312

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