Art@Work. Lingua Exhibition by Miralda

Through Feb 25th, 2011.

altLingua is a collage in the form of a large tongue composed with photographs of human tongues. Hundreds of people from different latitudes participated in this collective portrait of the taste, language and pleasure organ. Miralda’s interest in the tongue as a symbol began in 1976 with El sentido del gusto del color, the poster for his exhibition at the Galería G in Barcelona.  Miralda’s early works, Soldats Soldes (1967-72), were known as “assemblages” objects based on the accumulation of white plastic soldiers. He lived in Paris in the sixties where he began to carry out projects introducing the meal ritual as creative element through its color and its symbolism.

He lived in New York from the seventies to the nineties where his work was focused on the edible and displayed in interactive public spaces. Some of his works from that period were Fest für Leda, Documenta 6, Kassel (1977), Wheat & Steak, Kansas City (1981), Santa Comida, New York, Miami, Paris (1984-89), his creation alongside Montse Guillén, from the reputed restaurant El Internacional in Tribeca, New York (1984-1986), and the Honeymoon project (1986-92), celebrating the fictional wedding of the Statue of Liberty to the Columbus monument in Barcelona, exploring the cultural fusion between the New and Old World with shows in New York, Barcelona, Venice, Tokyo, Paris, Miami, Las Vegas, among other cities.

In the mid 90’s, based on the concept of food as culture, FoodCulturaMuseum created a “museum without walls”, with the intention of exploring, collecting, preserving, documenting and disseminating the connections among food, popular culture and art. The project has had a long history of activities and exhibitions, among which, Food Pavilion at Expo 2000 in Hanover, Power Food and Flavors and Languages invite us to reflect on the power and energy derived from food, the culinary memory and the gastro-cultural richness of diverse Latin American and European cities.
The FoodCulturaMuseum has been established as archive and private non-profit organization with two locations, one in Barcelona and one in Miami. They preserve and enrich the FoodCultura Collections: objects, graphics, audio, books, music, language, documents, etc.

Miralda currently lives in Barcelona and Miami. Most recently the Reina Sofia museum presented, at the Palacio Velázquez in Madrid’s Retiro Park, De gustibus non-disputandum, a retrospective of Miralda’s work.

1245 Galloway Road (87th Avenue)
Miami, FL 33174

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