Atelier 1022 presents 3-D ArtVergnügen! II – Art in 3-D

From July 14 through 26, 2012.

Atelier 1022 presents 3-D ArtVergnügen! II, its second annual exhibit of 3-D photography and the history of 3-D viewing. 3-D ArtVergnügen! II features a selection of both new (color and infrared) and old (black and white) photographs called stereocards or stereoviews. Visitors will be able to view these images with the help of prism lorgnettes. The contemporary 3-D photos or 3-D Stereocards™ were captured by Atelier 1022’s team of photographers, Ellie Perla and Carlos Rodriguez-Feo, with the help of the newest photo technology in 3-D.

Atelier 1022’s photographers are among the very few in the world today working to drive the rebirth of 3-D photography. Stereoviews, or 3-D photographs, were once mass-produced, from the mid 1800’s into the first decades of the 20th Century. In the spirit of this history, the exhibit will also showcase: a collection of stereo-viewing gadgets from the past 150 years; samples of 3-D images captured in film, glass, print, and other media; books on 3-D photography, holograms, magazines; and much more.

3-D ArtVergnügen! II runs concurrently with the extended exhibit: Asphalt Expressionist Photography by Ellie Perla.

Atelier 1022
2732 NW 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL, 33127

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