Awarehouse. Eleven Latin American Masters of Art Exhibition

Nov 13th, 2010. 7:00 p.m.

altAwarehouse, Miami’s multi-purpose performance venue and art gallery, presents an exclusive art exhibition and concert taking place at Awarehouse in Miami’s Wynwood district during November’s Wynwood + Design District Art Walk.

Luis Perez Galeria at Awarehouse, the hub for culture, music, art and conceptual events, is hosting a cutting-edge exhibition by eleven of Latin America’s most eclectic artists, that will be followed by a special post-exhibition concert, in association with WVUM 90.5fm radio, featuring a live opening set by Entresol, followed by an exclusive headline performance by Javelin.

The eleven Latin American masters of art will exhibit a range of contemporary and classic pieces from their home countries of Colombia, Argentina, Peru and Venezuela, starting on November 13 through November 25, featuring work by Julio Leparc (Argentina), Luis Tomasello (Argentina), Fernando Botero (Colombia), Edgar Negret (Colombia), Ramirez-Villamizar (Colombia), Omar Rayo (Colombia), Fernando De Szyszlo (Peru), Asdrubal Colmenares (Venezuela), Carlos Cruz-Diez (Venezuela), Alejandro Otero (Venezuela) and Jesus R. Soto (Venezuela).

The current centerpiece of art at the Luis Perez Gallery at Awarehouse is by Jesus R. Soto. “Cubo y Esfera Virtual,” created in 1994, is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece in aluminum and nylon, suspended in mid-air and priced in the high six figures. Energy is one of the most striking elements of Soto’s work and his experiments with optical effects are representative of some of the most successful of the Op Art-Kinetic Art movements. Soto’s work, however, surpasses the mere exploitation of optical effects and he presents in his paintings a concentration of energy that attain a point where the paintings become a mirage. Soto’s painting began to emerge and assume a sculptural dimension when he suspended wire and rods of metal in front of the background. This striping of the background seems to create the effect of attacking and partly absorbing the forms which are placed in front of it. Soto’s work established a concrete relationship with the viewer’s perception as disconcerting and fascinating as an optical illusion.

Following the art exhibit, a post-gallery walk concert, in association with WVUM radio, will include a live performance by Javelin, featured on-stage as the headline act, together with additional live performances by opening act, Entresol, and DJs Laura of Miami (WVUM’s Vamos a La Playa and Rotations host), Mr. Pauer (Fabrikalink) and WVUM’s former general manager, Benton (Sublime Frequencies, Needless Records, RVNG of the NRDS, Turntable Lab, Dublab). The duo that form Javelin has played venues as diverse as the children’s branch of the Olneyville Public Library (RI), to the Museum of Modern Art (NY), both of which happened in the same week. When not performing, Javelin is busy producing. Together they have amassed a vast catalogue of music, varying in its aesthetic range. Songs resemble the record collection from whence they spring, if not literally as when sampling, then figuratively as when past forms are cited and recontextualized.

Sounds range from broken dance jams to relaxed instrumental cut-ups, created with love on their MPCs. Long forgotten samples are chopped and re-assembled with drums, wooden recorders, old keyboards, handmade thumb pianos or whatever instruments are readily at hand. The result is a kind of mix tape fantasy (residing in the mythical “dollar bins of the future”), where R&B impresarios, amateur booty bass producers and Andean flautists hold equal sway.

Entresol is Eduardo Rivadeneira a one-man 80s, disco dance-off project from Miami, FL. Experienced in a variety of instruments, he has manage to present electronic music in its essence, live, with enough analog/digital instruments carefully routed together to present dance music like it hasnt been done before; a wall of pure sonic force. With his array of drum machines, synthesizers, and midi routing, Entresol delivers an audio experience that overwhelms your body and soul, from pop dance anthems to bass synth grooves. Influenced by the golden years of underground disco and classic electronic experimentation, Entresol offers a contemporary breath of fresh air into his collection of vintage devices.

The Awarehouse
550 NW 29th Street
Miami, FL 33127

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