Berlin and Venice, A Journey of Enlightenment

New World School of the Arts. Summer 2011.

Twenty visual arts students from the NWSA college program just returned from a two-week journey to Europe. Accompanied by their sponsors Carlos and Rosa de la Cruz, along with their dean and professor, the group had the opportunity to experience the artistic wonders and vibrant cultures that sets these two cities apart.

“While traveling through Venice and Berlin, we observed how art is a pillar of a society that eats and breaths art. As a result, we had insight on how art has intensely influenced the cities’ cultural growth and their impact on world history. My experience in Berlin and Venice brought clarity to the present moment in my life. I am grateful for the journey and have a better understanding on the need to open my eyes to the world and equally important, to keep them wide open.” – Jessie Laino, BFA 2011.

New World School of the Arts
25 NE 2nd Street
Miami, FL 33132

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