Bert Rodriguez at the Bass Museum

From Mar 14th through Jun 14th, 2009.  Bass Museum of Art. Miami MuseumsThe Henri and Flore Lesieur Pavilion, Kaiser and Kosh Gallery at the Bass Museum is currently hosting the exhibition The Best of Bert Rodriguez Greatest Hits Vol. I. A conceptual artist based in Miami, Bert Rodriguez explores the relationships between art and the artist, while examining personal value systems of the viewer, and often poking fun at the art market and the audience who measures its validity.  He works in a variety of media including film, video, photography, sculpture, installation and sound. His work has been exhibited all over the world and he has received a number of commissions from prestigious institutions.

This multimedia exhibition includes a 2008 series of works In Your Own Image that is comprised of 134 postcards, all with the same image of the artist. The headshot portrays the artist without hair, and includes instructions inviting the public to “complete” the image of the artists by adding elements (such as hair, clothing, accessories, makeup-up) using any media they prefer. These postage paid cards were left in shops, cafes, and bars throughout Paris in 2008, and were mailed back to the artist.

Bass Museum of Art
2121 Park Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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