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Showcasing work of lost artist at Art Miami From Jan 5th through Jan 8th, 2007After a successful 25 year advertising career, ad agency founder Esteban Blanco has hung up his advertising hat and donned his old beret. In April of 2004 Esteban left Accentmarketing, by then the 4th largest Hispanic advertising agency in the country, and picked up where he left off in Soho in 1982. At the time he was a hyperrealist painter, but the business end of the art world stumped him, whereas the advertising world opened its doors to him. During those years, he explored various media and subjects, but there was never enough time to develop them fully. The series “Playing With Dolls”, in which Esteban has been working for the past 18 months, will be featured by Blue Door Fine Arts at Art Miami as a solo show. Gallery director Silvia Dorfsman wants Blanco’s work to be seen by a wider audience than a gallery show would normally attract. Ricardo Pau-Llosa expressed about this work: “Blanco often engages many of the obvious social messages associated with Barbies — woman as object of lust and power deformed into fetish. But the evocations quickly turn, figuratively and literally into mordant wit. In “Barbie-Q” a single Barbie is flimsily tied to a spit and cooked over a baroquely constructed oven whose cogs, wheels and chains turn wooden flames. It is a musical instrument without music, an organ with a doll to grind. But the point is not simply that femininity is an object of consumption. The real protagonist is not the doll but the wondrous object itself whose elaborate and syncopated movements constitute an anatomy in churning silver”. For more information, please call: 305.206.5111

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