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Martinez / Nicastri / Tan. Through July 8, 2012.

“Martinez / Nicastri / Tan” is an exhibition of three painters who explore representation with all the complexity that the word re-presentation connotes. That objects do not have constant meaning and that determination of meaning is perceived through the lens of a cultural context are precisely the issues that these 3 painters explore and play with in their work, though with very different motives and outcomes.

In Zaydee Martinez’ still life paintings of fruits and vegetables, there is a quality of light and composition that speaks about tranquility and solitude reminiscent of paintings by Giorgio Morandi, though the subjects here have taken on an erotic timbre that indicates something less subdued. Joe Nicastri inverts the subject by looking at it from the perspective of the observer of the subject. His Gallery Series Paintings, talk about looking at art and the context of looking at art, describing it as, “the interactive relationship between the artist (invisible), the space and the people occupying it (visible).” Laura Tan’s work references Dutch still life paintings while employing a free interplay of that visual language, “ending up with a kind of narratively anti-narrative post-modernist image.” (Tan)

The exhibition of the work of these three artists considers representation, reality, and the shifting meanings of the signified. It concludes with a closing brunch from noon to 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, July 8th. The exhibition can be viewed by appointment, by calling 786.390.8915.

Bridge Red Studios / Project Space
12425 NE 13th Avenue # 5
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