Calix Gustav Gallery. Mafiart.

From Oct 10th through Nov 21st, 2009.

Calix Gustav Gallery just opened its doors in Wynwood with the exhibition Mafiart. The exhibition’s namesake, Mafiart, is a light installation by French artist Klaus Guingand, which will be featured at the opening. Also on view will be works by up and coming artists Judith Gilmer, Chris Chavers, Janet M. Mueller, Michael Lindabury and Lazaro Amaral.

In addition to the large light installation, this exhibition presents a full range of mediums, including oil on resin, prints, silkscreens and sculpture. The exhibition revolves around the theme of the elitist nature of the art world, fame, and the emotional implications of these concepts. We invite you to join us for this exciting and refreshing art-fuelled evening.

Calix Gustav Gallery is a fresh new addition to the Wynwood Arts District in Miami. An innovative venture into the world of the visual arts, its creators seek to find and promote talented new artists with unique perspective and drive. With a mission of making contemporary art more accessible to the public, Calix Gustav hopes to create new opportunities for art-lovers and emerging artists alike.

Calix Gustav Gallery
98 NW 29th Street
Miami, FL 33127

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