Cannonball announces 2013 Visiting Residents

February 2013.

Cannonball (formerly LegalArt) announced the cultural producers selected to participate in its 2013 Visiting Residency Program. Entering its third year, the Visiting Residency Program is part of a hybrid, multi-disciplinary platform designed to empower Miami’s arts community and sustain the city’s position as a hotbed for contemporary art by infusing it with cultural producers (visual artists, writers, arts professionals, architects, designers, etc.) from around the globe.

The successful candidates for the 2013 term include: Hannes Bend (Berlin); Laura Carton (New York); Adriane Colburn (San Francisco); Stephanie Diamond (New York); Sylvie Fortin (Atlanta); Maiza Hixson and Lauren Ruth, of The Shaft (Philadelphia); Dawn Kasper (New York); Kenneth Mroczek (Belgium); Adam Overton (Los Angeles); Kamau Patton (New York); Alison Pebworth (San Francisco); Franck Rivoire (Paris); and Raphaël Siboni (Paris).

The fourteen cultural producers were selected from a pool of 147 national and international applicants that responded to Cannonball’s open call for applications or were recommended to apply by an Advisory Committee assembled to help guide the direction of the Visiting Residency Program. The committee consists of the following artists and arts professionals: Mark Allen (Machine Project, Los Angeles); Elizabeth Dunbar (DiverseWorks, Houston); Courtney Fink (Southern Exposure, San Francisco); Jeff Fleming (Des Moines Art Center, Iowa); William L. Fox (Center for Art + Environment, Reno); Amy Franceschini (artist, San Francisco); Kate Hackman (Charlotte Street Foundation, Kansas City); Mary Reid Kelley (artist, New York); Omar Lopez-Chahoud (curator, New York); Sharon Louden (artist, New York); JoAnne Northrup (Nevada Museum of Art, Reno); Karyn Olivier (artist, Philadelphia); Ernesto Pujol (artist, New York); Julien Robson (curator, Philadelphia); George Scheer (Elsewhere, Greensboro); Shannon Stratton (threewalls, Chicago); and Stacy Switzer (Grand Arts, Kansas City).

In addition, this year, Cannonball launches a new partnership with its neighbor, the Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation (CIFO). As part of CIFO’s annual Grants and Commissions Program, artist Benvenuto Chavajay (Guatemala) will be in residence at Cannonball in July and August. This opportunity will afford Chavajay the time, space, and resources to develop a new, large-scale artwork unique to and expressly for CIFO. This site-specific work will be featured in CIFO’s Grants and Commissions Exhibition, opening in early September.

In an effort to create a new model of cultural exchange in a city popular for its beaches, nightlife, and art fairs, Cannonball’s Residency Program offers cultural producers the first, formal live/work environment in Miami. The primary focus of the residency program is two-fold: 1) provide long-term, affordable live/work space for Miami artists and 2) offer national and international cultural producers year-round opportunities to research and respond to issues at stake in South Florida. Visiting residents are encouraged to share their research and engage Cannonball’s neighborhood and the greater Miami community through lectures, interventions, performances, and other public programs.

Application guidelines for the 2014 Visiting Residency Program will be posted on our website on April 15th, with a deadline of June 1st. Applicants accepted into the program will be notified by August 1st.

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