Carol Jazzar Contemporary Art presents Jorge Pantoja

From Jan 15th through Feb 14th, 2010.

Carol Jazzar Contemporary Art presents “Cinematheque,” an exhibition of recent drawings by Jorge Pantoja. This will be Pantoja’s solo debut at the gallery. In this body of work, using only memories of films often seen many years prior to putting pen to paper, Jorge Pantoja simultaneously comments on cinematographic history and our faculty for impressions.

Having left indelible marks in the artist’s memory, films such as The Samourai (1967), La Notte (1961), The Long Goodbye (1973), Three Women (1977), Blue Velvet (1986) Moilere (1977), and The Shining (1980) are now reborn, brought into subjective figuration from the intangible depths of the human subconscious.

For most of us these films exist only as collective, freeze-framed images. Flashes that act as keys to emotions and imperfect, fractured actualities. By recalling these seminal movies in this way his works stand testament to both the longevity of good directorship and the fickle, impressionable nature of the mind.

Encapsulating shared experiences, a counter point to the supposed real life dramas evoked in films, Pantoja reiterates with a childlike hand the significant parts of his life as ‘the audience’. His visual synopses make for simple yet powerful works that demonstrate above all the process by which otherwise transient moments are immortalized.

Translating his interpretations by rendering them on paper, Pantoja’s accuracy is his validity. His work a telling recount of how considerate decisions can in time emerge with iconographic status.

“Cinematheque is an absurd race against time. Having discovered the ecstasy that comes as a result of holding time still in images, I use drawings as a means of holding onto a past that endlessly eludes me. This flow of images is not related to a physical space. It includes that special time, the insular space created by the memory of the films that I love.” – Jorge Pantoja.

Carol Jazzar Contemporary Art
158 NW 91st Street
Miami, Fl 33150

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