Carol Jazzar presents Shoshanna Weinberger

From April 27 through June 10th, 2012.

Carol Jazzar Contemporary Art presents “sometimes all of me is not enough”, an exhibition of drawings and mixed media collages by artist Shoshanna Weinberger. This will be her first solo exhibit at the gallery. “sometimes all of me is not enough” presents a body of work that is driven by the cultural history of female exposé, presentation and excessive notions of beauty. “I find the idea of what popular culture defines as feminine beauty to be skewed and distorted,” says the artist.

Shoshanna Weinberger identifies with beauty both physiologically and politically, making personal connections of awkwardness as a female growing-up in a society obsessed with attaining beauty result in imagery that depicts this as distorted excess. Imagery result in malformed and decapitated bodies, with cornrow braids, un-kept locks and pigtails, mutations of multiple-mouths, breasts and buttocks, create a sense of familiarity, confusion, humor and tension. The drawings allude to the psychology of coexisting in human and animal form as well as forms grotesque and sexualized. Confronting how women and men survey themselves and each other within their own sex.

Weinberger finds contemporary connections, cultural stereotypes and historical references to how women have been subjugated as modern-day Hottentots. Finding beauty distortion in strip-club dancers, West-Indian Dancehall performers, Hollywood/pop-culture icons, prostitutes and teenagers. These figures are tangled, hogtied and suffocated with props associated with femininity such as thongs, bras, and gold chains. Forms in some drawings are placed on a scallop shell akin to the mythological Birth of Venus story. Incorporating the scallop shell into a new psychology of presenting the birth of femininity as excess with graffiti declaring ‘love lost and love found’.

Weinberger was born in Kingston, Jamaica to a Jamaican-mother and American-father. She currently lives and works in Newark, New Jersey. Weinberger holds a BFA degree from The School of the Institute of Art in Chicago and received a MFA from Yale School of Art, Yale University, in 2003. Exhibiting for the past decade, Weinberger’s work has been shown across the country, including the Spertus Museum in Chicago, IL, The Jones Center for Contemporary Art in Austin, Texas and Solos Project House, in Newark, NJ. She has also been featured in the National Biennial Exhibition National Gallery of Jamaica, Kingston 2006 and 2008.

Carol Jazzar Contemporary Art
158 NW 91 Street
Miami, FL 33150

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