Celeste Music and Entertainment

New to the Miami Music Scene. August 2008.  Celeste Music and Entertainment. Miami MusicThe European songwriter / composer-team Torben Riise and Ian Nilsen announced today the formation of Celeste Music and Entertainment, LLC, a music production and publishing house in Miami, and the release of its first single.

Ian Nilsen, musician and composer with a long music production career in London and Torben Riise, author and songwriter residing in Miami have teamed up to form a production company in Miami, Florida and bring their new style of mainstream music and musicals to the local and national market. 

Celeste Music and Entertainment wants to bring back a radio-bound, mainstream style of songs with creative compositions that you find yourself humming and meaningful lyrics that dominated music in the 1970s and '80s. They will launch songs by Riise-Nilsen on their own label, CelesteSongs as well as collaborate with new and established international singers. To support this collaboration, Celeste Music and Entertainment will have a novel, internet-based audition system on their website.

Also, the team believes that time is right for a new type of musical that will be part theater and part rock concert. They are well underway with their first musical, Galileo, slated for premiere in Miami in 2009.

Celeste Music and Entertainment

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