Chicago ARTEahora Travels to Miami

From Mar 26th through 29th, 2010.

altThe 3rd Annual Chicago ARTEahora 2010 Art Fair will be presented in the city of Miami in conjunction with Arteaméricas, Miami’s renowned Latin American Art Fair. Chicago ARTEahora is an international exhibition that showcases the important role Latin American Art plays in the international art arena.

This year Chicago ARTEahora 2010 will take place inside the Arteaméricas art fair, booth 404, at the Miami Beach Convention Center from March 26th – 29th, 2010. Chicago ARTEahora’s curator, Aldo Castillo has designed the Chicago fair as a traveling exhibition.

Highlights of ARTEahora 2010 in Arteaméricas include the showing of rare bronze sculptures by Venezuelan Master Oswaldo Vigas; the introduction of two new female artists, Nina Surel and Antonia Wright, and the distorted human and animal figures in ceramic by Emil Alzamora.

In addition to Chicago ARTEahora in Miami, Curator Aldo Castillo has designed a satellite exhibition of world re-known artists: Voices – Miami that will take place at Space 4004. Space 4004 is situated in the Western Design District of Miami on North West Second Avenue. Participating artists at “Voices” include Sergio Fasola, Lorna Marsh, Scott Ashley, Anne Scheid, Juan Carlos Zaldivar, Philip Ross Munro, Antuan, Antonia Wright, and Sergio Garcia.

Chicago ARTEahora
Miami Beach Convention Center
1901 Convention Center Drive. Hall D
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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