Clarita Filgueiras – Flamenco Puro presents Flamenco Festival: Nuevos Caminos

Performance: June 19th, 2010. 8:00 p.m.
Workshops: June 14th through 18th, 2010

altFlamenco Festival: Nuevos Caminos (New Paths) is a Flamenco music and dance production, outreach, and workshop series celebrating the brilliant colors, driving rhythms, and blazing intensity of flamenco. The project will emphasize the fusion of the strict and traditional Flamenco rhythms with the “new” Flamenco. Clarita Filgueiras, artistic director, will present a cutting-edge flamenco dance performance with her troupe of world-class guest artists from Spain and the US; focusing on the passionate Segurillas and Guajiras Flamenco rhythms and the use of the traditional Spanish Bata de Cola (long-train dress).

In addition to the artistic project Nuevos Caminos, the company will be offering a free outreach lecture – demonstration at the North Shore Library on Miami Beach.  Flamenco Puro will be also presenting a Taller de Verano open to the public. This will be a week of intensive workshops with guest artists from Spain in Flamenco dance, guitar, and percussion. These classes are for new beginners, intermediate, and advanced.

The project will feature Antonio Arrebola, one of the most popular and promising Spanish artists among the new generation of flamenco dancers and Argentine-born dancer Jorge Robledo. These artists will perform and collaborate with Artistic Director Clarita Filgueiras in choreographing and performing featured dance pieces.   

Accompanying the singer and dancers will be Flamenco Madrid-based guitarist Calvin Hazen. Hazen has performed with such noted artists as Joaquin Ruiz, Carmela Greco, Belen Lopez, Manuel Linan, Jeronimo Maya, Felipe Maya and many others. In addition, jazz flutist Mark Krumich, percussionist Romulo Bernal, singer Jose Luis Giles, and guitarist Jorge Luis Perez will accompany the dancers. Clarita Filgueiras, who has performed as dance soloist with the Gypsy Kings and with the New York/Madrid based Flamenco Vivo Dance Company will choreograph, dance, and direct the performance. Filgueiras is a native Miamian of Spanish and Cuban parents and descends from a heritage of Flamenco Singers.

Don’t miss this exciting Flamenco music and dance performance celebrating the brilliant colors, driving rhythms, and passion of true Flamenco.

Clarita Filgueiras Flamenco Puro
Colony Theater
1040 Lincoln Road
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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