Coco Fusco at Manuel Artime Theater

A Room of One’s Own: Women & Power in the New America November 3rd, 2006Performance and video artist, writer and active curator, Coco Fusco will deliver a new performance at the Manuel Artime Theater about the expanding role of American women in the War on Terror. In this original production, Fusco’s persona is a female graduate of military intelligence school and a seasoned interrogator who briefs the audience on the rationales for using sexual innuendo as a tactic for extracting information from Islamic Fundamentalists. Fusco’s recent art projects combine electronic media and performance in a variety of formats, from staged multi-media performances incorporating large scale projections and closed circuit television to live performances streamed to the internet that invite audiences to chart the course of action through chat interaction. Her current performances and videos address the roles of female interrogators in the War on Terror. For more information, please call: 305.348.2890

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