Concrete Links by Mariu Beyro

Signature Art Gallery. From Jan 12th through Feb 28th, 2008.

Signature Art Gallery. Miami Art GalleriesSignature Art Gallery located in Wynwood Art District is currently presenting Concrete Links, a solo exhibition by Miami based artist Mariu Beyro featuring her most recent series of paintings.

Mariu Beyro uses photographs and her ability to observe, as methods to document images for her works. She is a net painter. This means that she devotes her constructivist obsession of the image, to the difficult work of making a painted object while she has calculated to the minimal detail of her thoroughly studied object. With a drawing as starting point and brush in hand, the artist builds a different vision from the one she discovered before.
Concrete Links expresses the subtleness of the passage from a social and political stand up – ecology – towards a subtle observation of the city's constructions. What does the artist want to express when she focuses only on a city object – a bridge – and the possible immensity that does not include it? What kind of concept does Beyro create to express what can be felt or lived in a global world, where an innocent means of communication can establish links or connections, which in that immensity with no horizon – except for what the bridge itself offers- we feel lost every day.

For more information, please call: 305.576.1645

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