Crime in Miami at The Historical Museum of Southern Florida

From Feb 18th through Aug 29th, 2010.

altThe Historical Museum of Southern Florida has opened its newest exhibition, Crime in Miami. Investigate the facts and fictions behind Miami’s more than a hundred year criminal history. Join the curators of this new exciting, interactive exhibition as they share the rich history of rumrunners, gangsters, and drug dealers. Learn how these criminals were punished and how Miami emerged as a crime prevention leader.

Crime in Miami explores the dual impact of crime and law enforcement in the city of Miami for the past century. Learn about prohibition-era rumrunners and infamous gangsters such as Al Capone, unsolved murder cases of the 1950s and the drug wars of the 1980s. Uncover the forces underlying Miami’s unique criminal history and test your amateur detective skills against those used by the pros.

On display are artifacts, photographs, and documents from the Historical Museum of Southern Florida’s collection along with material from other institutions, including the Miami-Dade Police Department, the Miami-Dade County Clerk of Courts and the Florida Department of Corrections.

Historical Museum of Southern Florida
101 West Flagler Street.
Miami FL 33130

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