Culture in the City

From June 7th through June 28th, 2006Culture in the City presents various events in June starting with Truth and Absolute Truth – What’s the difference? on June 7th, 2006. How do we know what is true? Is there an absolute truth about life, death, life after death, and other big questions? In view of a troubled world today, Torben Riise will discuss what the answers to these questions mean for our values, for tolerance, inter-cultural understanding, and living ethical lives. Passion in Art will take place on Wednesday, June 14th, 2006. It will be a panel discussion presenting Damien B, Elizabeth Cerejido, Rosie Gordon-Wallace, George Sanchez-Calderon with Jonathan Rose as moderator. This panel will be a discussion of the choices necessary for artists, gallerists, and curators and how panel members exercise these. Each will discuss his/her personal preference, and comment on how “commercial” and/or “general appeal” factors into the equation. Hear these influential members express their views about the State of the Arts in South Florida. A Summer Solstice Event is the name of the event happening on June 21st at the The Kampong, Biscayne Bay in Coconut Grove. The longest day of the year is an event that humanity in many societies has marked since its earliest days and until this day. We may not have a Stonehenge, but this event takes place in an unparalleled location. Celebrate this unique day with drumming, dance and other rituals. June 28th will be an evening with John Dufresne. The award winning author and professor of Creative Writing at FIU will host this evening of commentary and conversation on literature and the creative act, and find out why Dufresne has been a mentor for many successful writers. Except for the Summer Solstice Event, all others will take place at the Miami Museum of Science Planetarium. For more information, please call: 305.648.0899

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