Curator’s Voice Art Projects

By Abel S.

altWithin all of us lies the desire for knowledge, and as art enthusiasts, our desire for knowledge is often accompanied with one for beauty. As humans, “desire” is often what drives us forward in life. In fact, the desire for expression through beauty is as ongoing and essential as our instinct for survival; whether we call it Art or not is where the frivolity of it lies. Photographers, painters, sculptors, and musicians – the obvious artists among us – are usually accredited for the continued existence of the arts. Although their praise is duly earned, what of those of us who may not paint, or draw, or sculpt? What of those of us who make our artistic contribution through research, writing, study, and documentation? Dr. of Sociology and Curator Milagros Bello is just as responsible for the development of art from her new space called Curator’s Voice Art Projects, in the heart of Wynwood.

Not to ever be confused with a gallery, this large open concept on NW 2nd Avenue is intended for the nurturing of emerging local and international contemporary artists, and as a place for guest curators to have their voices heard as well. Bello has already invited four guest curators to Curator’s Voice Art Projects from all over the world to use the space next year, and is already moving forward with a Video and Photography Festival. The show, entitled “The Deceptive Eye”, will include works by international conceptual artists like Andres Michelena, Fabiana Cruz, and Erwin Georgi.

Also in the works, “Toys ART Us” will run from November 2010 through January of 2011. Occupying Curator’s Voice Art Projects during these important months, “Toys ART Us” will focus on the creation of art through the use of nostalgic objects and, of course, toys.

Although Bello may be best known most for her dedication to the curatorial space, it is just one of the many roles she plays within the artistic community of South Florida. In possibly one of her most influential roles, a professor at Florida Atlantic University’s department of Art History and Visual Arts, History of Graphic Design, Bello whole-heartedly participates in the formation of a new generation of artists and art connoisseurs. Also, as the Senior Editor for Arte Al Dia International, from 2001 to 2007, she headed the coordination of writing, editing, and layout for this international magazine. Having participated in countless other ventures, and formed part of countless other impacting projects, Milagros Bello continues to top herself, staying current through research and her constant presence in the art scene with Curator’s Voice Art Projects.

Bello has offered her experience to museums such as the Jewish Museum of Florida and galleries like Hardcore Art Contemporary Space among many others. Now, as leader of Curator’s Voice Art Projects, Bello works with art institutions, museums, and galleries in the U.S. and abroad in her efforts to promote the endurance of contemporary art.

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