Darkbeat An Electro World Voyage

June 30th, 2006Darkbeat An Electro World Voyage is a sixty minute documentary on the electro music experience told by artists from the old school to the new school. Darkbeat will visually stimulate the audience with astonishing visuals, fascinating interviews, archive clips, and animations while dropping rare electro tunes for your ears entertainment. This film by Iris B. Cegarra invites you to take a seat into a futuristic spaceship travelling through space and time taking the viewer around the world from Miami, England, Spain, Holland, Japan, NYC, Paris, North Carolina, to Detroit. Having explored the prolific scene of Florida in “Bass Frequency” 2001 and introduced all the musical forms of electro on the highly acclaimed “Electro Dziska” DVD two years later, Darkbeat now follows the steps of the top current underground producers in a worldwide tour. Darkbeat is not only eye and ear candy but an educating experience on early forms of technology used to make this music from classical electronic composers such as Wendy Carlos whose work has been featured in films by famed director Stanley Kubrick. Well known musical wizards and a plethora of other newcomers, activists, artists, DJ’s, party promoters and label owners retrace the genesis of this essential movement through the prism of classics such as “Planet Rock”, “Hip Hop Bee Bop”, “Clear”, “Numbers”… some selected releases that keep on having an immense impact on creativity today. More than a documentary, Darkbeat is already expected as our ultimate sound and visual electro experience. The premier of Iris B. Cegarra’s 3rd documentary Darkbeat An Electro World Voyage is presented by 3GZ Productions and Mi Chica Chico Force in association with The Pawn Shop Lounge. The screening and after party will be hosted at The Pawn Shop Lounge 1222 NE 2nd Ave. Miami, FL. on June 30th 2006 at 8:00 p.m. For more information, please call: 305.573.6369

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