David Rohn

Carol Jazzar Contemporary Art. From Apr 18th through May 10th, 2008.

David Rohn. Miami Artists
Carol Jazzar Contemporary Art presents Marry me – Western Union; a performance and new works by Miami artist David Rohn. Marry me – Western Union will be Miami based artist David Rohn’s first exhibition with the gallery for which the artist will explore cultural and historical definitions of union both temporal and eternal. Assuming the role of prospective bride “Esperanza” (which means both ‘hoping’ and ‘waiting’ in Spanish) the artist will address notions of unity, which he views as fundamental to the search for meaning.

Broadening his subject matter to include the theological, Rohn references the writings of the 16th century Spanish mystic Saint Teresa of Avila particularly from her book “Interior Castle”, in which she frequently described her union with God as that of a Bride to a Spouse. Her views on desire, rapture, ecstasy, and internal prayer, expand the artists understanding of union to include that betwixt human and divine.

Sensitive to both Western and Eastern philosophies and traditions, Rohn believes that our desires for union are parallel with the search for meaning and that these desires transcend any national or political context; that their origins are innate and impervious to our seduction by the capabilities of rapidly expanding technologal media. So connecting is the central point whether with another or “The Other”, through texting or meditation and prayer.

Using live video feeds together with telephone and audio content the artist will virtually connect the conditions within the gallery and those outside in the adjacent garden – stressing the relationship between internal and external consciousness and the part that technology plays in our relationships. Through exploring our vulnerability and his own devotional deference to truth, trust and the human spirit, Rohn invokes curative, transformative powers and spiritual questions whose scope is eternal and immediate, universal and parochial, superficial and profound.

For more information, please call: 305.490.6906

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