De la Cruz Collection presents Works by Guillermo Kuitca

From May 27th through the summer

altThe de la Cruz Collection Contemporary Art Space unveils a new installation of works by Guilermo Kuitca from 1986 to 1998. Memory and loss are an integral part of Guillermo Kuitca’s work.  His paintings reference personal memories that are staged and show his interest for architecture and topography. His early work details his exploration of maps and theaters, with titles drawn from literature, plays and popular music. “Siete Ultimas Canciones”, 1986 reflects Kuitca’s experiences as a theater stage director in Argentina.

Like Felix Gonzalez-Torres and Jim Hodges, Kuitca explores the vanishing line between public and private spaces. As he continues to research these subjects the viewer is invited to engage in the work and give it a different personal meaning. Kuitca’s controlled expressionism renders public spaces, which resonate with private reflections on melancholy, loss, passion, desire, and fear. Anchored in awareness of self and the fluid mind, these mappings are informed by a sense of personal history, filtered through the traumas of the Holocaust (examples are the large vertical painting “Kristallnacht”, 1992 and “Untitled”, Tablada Suite, 1991 which references the name of the Jewish cemetery in Buenos Aires). His work also, reflects the political unrest experienced while growing up and working in Argentina. 

Saturated with uncertainty, complex architectural structures deteriorate, and spew at arbitrary points of departure, as figures are reduced to numbers, and lyrical articulation is given precedence over cool calculations within it’s boundaries. The canvas becomes a platform in which evidence of place is no longer fixed in empirical documentation, but in a vehicle to explore the delicate balance of emotion and intellect. Kuitca’s works diagram grand structures of ingenuity and knowledge, however speaks greater volumes of the innate anxieties dwelling within the possibility of their destruction.

Guillermo Kuitca, born, 1961 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, started his artistic career early. In his early twenties, he was already starting to gain recognition and became internationally known shortly thereafter.  His work has been exhibited at many prestigious institutions including the Tate Modern (London) the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York), the Museum of Modern Art (New York), the Albright-Knox Art Gallery (New York), the Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), the Art Institute of Chicago.  Most recently the Miami Art Museum did a retrospective of his work.
The evening will feature a string quartet of Youth Orchestra of the Americas musicians performing different classical arrangements as well as tangos in commemoration of the exhibition of Argentinean painter Guillermo Kuitca. YOA is a multicultural, world-class symphony orchestra of 100 gifted musicians, ages 18 and 30, from more than 20 countries of the Western Hemisphere. Musicians are selected through a rigorous audition process; the finest musicians are chosen to participate on a full scholarship, allowing for the greatest diversity possible. The mission of YOA is to bring together energetic, talented musicians to pursue excellence and celebrate cultural diversity as a catalyst for social change.

De la Cruz Collection
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