Deeply Rooted Dance Theater

Art and Culture Center. Hollywood November 4th, 2006The Art and Culture Center of Hollywood (ACCH) presents Deeply Rooted Dance Theater at the Hollywood Central Performing Arts Center. Performing the work of nationally renowned choreographers, Chicago’s Deeply Rooted Dance Theater offers work that is familiar coming from an African-American tradition of dance and music and yet, newly found inspiring innovation and expression of contemporary life. Deeply Rooted Dance Theater’s performances entertain, spark a visceral experience and ignite an emotional response from audiences of all ages and cultural backgrounds. Deeply Rooted Dance Theater will also participate in several outreach activities during their residency at the ACCH. A free artist lecture and demonstration with Deeply Rooted Dance Theater takes place on November 3rd, and the following day the company will conduct a master class at the theater located in Hollywood. For more information, please call: 866.811.4111

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