Desire and Possibility. Drawings and Paintings by Eduardo Sarmiento.

Harold Golen Gallery. From Sept 11th through Oct 2nd, 2010

altHarold Golen Gallery, a notable “low-brow” specialized art gallery in the Wynwood Art District is presenting the exhibition Desire and Possibility: Painting and Drawings by Eduardo Sarmiento. Explosive colors, explosive eroticism, excellent technique and the desire for endless possibilities propels the work of Eduardo Sarmiento, who was trained as a designer, but shows a true passion for painting. “My work – he says – is an evolving self-portrait”, and it’s true that it comes from his deepest feelings and personal conflicts, bravely exposing himself and his human condition to the public eye.

“I am interested in promoting fundamental human contradictions,” he notes, “exposing face to face instances of opposing truths. Are not the pure and the obscene a matter of perspective? Occasionally, I find myself confused, finding beauty in the obscene and obscenity in the pure.” Not sure if Sarmiento is aware, but beauty can definitely be found anywhere, as long as our eyes are capable to see it, or even better, as along as our soul carries it naturally.

When confronting the moderated-format creations of Sarmiento, it’s not the banal or the grotesque what matter the most, but the amazing freshness and sincerity of his approach to what many consider tabu, and  more importantly, his commitment to produce, not just images, but  paintings that matter.

Harold Golen Gallery
2294 North west 2nd Ave.
Miami, Florida 33127

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