Discover Photojournalism. Discover Ourselves. A photography exhibition at the ACND Gallery of Art

Exhibit Opens November 13th, 2010. 
Exhibit Event: December 4th from 6:00-9:00 p.m.

altJust a few blocks north of Miami’s Design District and at the hub of Art Basel week events, the ACND Gallery of Art will host an Exhibit Event and Conversation lead by award-winning Miami Herald Photojournalist Carl Juste and members of the Iris PhotoCollective on Saturday, December 4th, 2010.

The Conversation will bring together high school or college students, photojournalism professionals, educators, and any other members of the community who support the visual arts and wish to share ideas that will help inspire and motivate aspiring photographers. Admission is free and the gallery will provide complimentary parking. Registered guests are welcome to attend the event and continue their walking tour from the school’s Buena Vista location and into Design District a few blocks away.

Opening November 13th, 2010, Carl Juste will display photographic works from his latest project, “Invictus: Haiti Unconquered” inspired by his work covering the 2010 earthquake in Haiti and its aftermath. Photography and poetry merge as the William Ernest Henley reference parallels the exhibit’s dramatic and compelling array of black and white images. Open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 p.m. or alternative times by appointment, the community is encouraged to visit the gallery and enjoy a private and peaceful moment viewing images prior to the December 4th Conversation. By this date, works by Iris PhotoCollective member Andre Chung will be added to the collection.

At 8:00 p.m. on December 4th, Juste, Chung and at least one other member of the Iris PhotoCollective will conduct a lively discussion about their work in Haiti, photojournalism as a career choice, and a brief introduction to the art of visual storytelling and the promotion of analytical thinking exemplified through the works on display.

altUnder threat of persecution, Haitian-born Carl Phillipe Juste (ACND alumnus), fled with his family from Haiti in 1965. Settling in Miami’s Haitian community, Carl flourished academically and won a scholarship to the University of Miami. Although he intended to be an engineer, he could not ignore the photographic inner voice that had spoken to him since childhood. Responding to a clear relationship he shared with the visual world, Carl vigorously pursued photojournalism and since 1991, has served his community through his work at the Miami Herald. He has received numerous awards for his work from Picture of the Year, Pulitzer Prize, Society for News Design, Best of Photojournalism, and the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award.

Formed in 1998, the Iris PhotoCollective is a project spearheaded by four like-minded photographers: Carl Juste, Andre Chung, Pablo Martinez Monsivais, and Clarence Williams. As artists of color themselves, they are each concerned with the way their communities are depicted in the media. Through a shared mission to explore and document the relationships of people of color to the world, their photographic projects create a record that is free of the influence of the dominant culture, while maintaining the integrity and principles of photojournalism. Their visual stories document their work from around the world.

“Invictus: Haiti Unconquered” is the essence of visual poetry and a clear reminder of the importance of photojournalism and its power to draw people’s attention to the world. During an interview with Dick Gordon of North Carolina Public Radio in February 2010, Juste, still recovering from the dust and trauma associated with his recent departure from Haiti, manages to find deliverance for the country he has only come to know first-hand through his work. “During the earthquake the rich were impacted, the poor were impacted. No one was segregated and for the first time at least that I can remember, the plight of the Haitian became the plight of the world.” Juste concludes, “And maybe out of all of this pain and all this suffering, there is a rebirth, but not only a rebirth of a nation, of an island nation, but of ourselves.”

Discovering photojournalism and also ourselves will serve as the goal of the December 4th Conversation. Exhibition posters designed by Carl Juste will be available for purchase beginning November 13th with all proceeds benefiting the ACND “Sponsor A Knight Program” – full tuition assistance to students whose family cannot afford the cost. Admission to the exhibition and event is free and open to the community and media

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