Dorsch Gallery. Bubble Raft

From Sept 1st through Oct 2nd, 2010

altDorsch Gallery just opened the group exhibition Bubble Raft featuring works by miami artists such as Bhakti Baxter, Christopher Bradley, Bruce Conkle, Robin Griffiths, Richard Haden, Jay Hines, Brookhart Jonquil, Sinisa Kukec, Justin H. Long, David Marsh, Daniel Nevers, Daniel Newman, Matt Nichols, Brandon Opalka, Cheryl Pope, Ralph Provisero, Carlos Rigau, Audrey Hasen Russell, David Shaw, Shoplifter, Magnus Sigurdarson, sleeper, TooT and Kyle Trowbridge.

The atomic structure of metal is imperfect. The atoms group together in an interlocking hexagonal pattern, but there are inconsistencies in the pattern that are hard to predict. The raft of bubbles on the surface of a liquid, called a bubble raft, is a naturally occurring model of the interlocking hexagonal pattern at the molecular level of metals. The bubble raft also models the defects in the pattern.

The bubble raft evokes the generative stage of the exhibition. Bubbles, like objects, can exist on their own. This exhibition was formed from recent experiences seeing work and studio visits.  Many of the works that resonated were sculptural – specifically objects and not installation. Independent bubbles rise to the surface and join with others. The objects’ physical form, combination of materials, absurdity and subtle humor begged comparison to one another, especially when shown together in an exhibition. A bubble raft has its own inherent dynamics, like metal, or a practice, or an exhibition.

Dorsch Gallery
151 NW 24 St
Miami, FL 33127

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