Dot Fifty One Gallery

Atmospheric Rates and Domestic Intimacies. From Oct 13th through Nov 13th, 2007.

Dot Fifty One. Miami GalleriesTwo simultaneous exhibitions will take place at Dot Fiftyone Gallery this month: Atmospheric Rates by Yanina Szalckowicz and Domestic Intimacies Leslie Gabaldon. Atmospheric Rates is an exhibition where the artist displays a series of twenty photographs with applications of graphic designs pattern, featuring ordinary people and objects. A three dimensional installation resembling an antique flowers wallpaper, made of PVC applied to the gallery walls will work as the background for the artist photos strategically hanged.

In Domestic Intimacies Leslie Gabaldon plays with subtle shifts between abstraction and figuration and between narrative and non-narrative. In all the photographs the females are obliquely made absent by fragmentation. Even the older woman is undressed. Only the boy, the son, the stand-in for the absent father, seems to be a master of the space that surrounds him. In one of the images he raises his arm, ready to flee the swing. In another image he turns and collapses in on himself, becoming a suspended, womb-like, distorted shape.

For more information, please call: 305.573.9994

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